It all started with a yellow-roofed Fisher Price house, this obsession I have with home. There was something about the way I could sit the little people down to dinner in the pre-decorated 1960’s style kitchen with the folksy wallpaper that gave me great comfort. I could move my make-believe family room to room, from one conversation to another. The ring, ring of the doorbell was always a welcome sound.

When I got older, my craving for home became a bit fancier with a hot pink Barbie Dream House and a stringed elevator I had to pull just so…so the whole thing wouldn’t topple over.

It’s the same with real life, the way we try to manage it so. All this coming and going.

A few years ago, we counted how many houses I’d lived in that my mom worked so hard to make a home. Twenty-three I think we came up with by the time I graduated from high school in a mid-sized Midwest town in Iowa. We were always moving from one door to the next. Something newer and nicer. Finally a home with central air.

It’s a secret only my closest friends know, but I played house with my Barbies all the way through high school. I had all the best homemade furniture and loved the decorating, the rearranging, the tiny flowers I’d pluck from the front lawn to set the perfect dinner table.

I served others food and worked as a waitress as a young teenager. I even bought a subscription to Better and Homes and Gardens with my tip money because I was that obsessed with beautiful homes and gardens. Back then, I never knew you could sell homes as a job.

But, single-motherhood will help you get resourceful real fast.

And I sold my first house at 23 years old. I was so excited, the same day it went under contract, I yanked up the listing agent’s sign and put my own Iowa Realty sign in its place. A few hours later, I got a call from a very angry agent and then my broker.


That was the day I learned that a yard sign is like the holy grail of real estate. You never, ever, touch another agent’s sign. I still laugh when I think of that as I try to tap a colleague’s wonky, falling sign back into the hard Texas ground in an attempt to do onto others and all.

I’ve been in Texas for over 23 years now and have helped hundreds of families buy their first home, sell their last home or relax at their ranch home on the river in the northwest hill country. I’ve gotten my broker’s license and earned many designations.

For 30 years, I’ve been super blessed to be associated with real estate greats like Iowa Realty and Better Homes and Gardens, but the majority of my career, I’ve been affiliated with RE/MAX as an agent, broker and owner in Mason, TX. I’m proud to have had so many years with the industry’s most recognized company worldwide, but decided to start small again with this boutique brokerage and work from home. I rely heavily on personal referrals and making strong relationship connections. I’m also writing more than ever and really enjoying the creative parts of my life again.

I’m in a new season. It looks a lot like making time to sit down for some of those cozy homemade dinners I planned way back when I was sitting on the floor with my Fisher Price people.

But still, nothing’s ever perfect or the way we planned it, is it? I just stole a huge farmhouse table for $135 at Pier One because it was damaged and it fits my family just fine.

We make the best of what we have to work with and we give thanks.

Thanks for all the people who live near and far who have touched our lives. The ones who have brought us blessings of business and referrals and phone calls on bad days and good ones.

I have a sign above the door that says In Everything Give Thanks. And I do. Thanks to the people who have stayed with us and prayed with us in our struggles, long enough to see the celebrations.

We give thanks for the food we have in our pantries, no matter the size. Thanks for the years of being able to help so many wonderful families, including my own, move from one door to the other.

I sincerely look forward to serving you and yours. Whether you are buying or selling, or just have questions, I’d love to have a conversation with you about your future goals. I would love to help you navigate your next move and new memory-making.

Knock and the door will be opened.

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